Texray Capital Investments of Nevada is an Accredited, Angel Investing Firm based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

James T. Boyd is Chairman, CEO and Founder of Texray Capital Investments of Nevada, one of the nations fastest growing Private Equity firms, with over $18 million in privately owned and managed assets across the technology, small business and cannabis markets. Mr. Boyd has been involved in all phases of Texray Capital’s development since before its founding at the beginning of the Global COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020, when he made the decision to formally retire from Apple, Inc. 


Mr. Boyd has established himself for investing in businesses across many asset classes, including special situations through Angel investing; real estate, where his ultimate goal is to manage 1 million acres of real property while planting 1 million trees along the way; cannabis growth and education, where he is focused on merging the power of artificial intelligence and the massive array of new information the Cannabis Industry has brought; and the small business owner, where Mr. Boyd’s focus is aligned on bringing success to those that have been told no. 


Mr. Boyd and The Firm have also recently launched new businesses dedicated to artificial intelligence and the betterment of the US education system, as well as delivering the firm’s financial expertise and products to struggling individuals nationwide.


Mr. Boyd is an active philanthropist with a history of supporting education, as well as diversity and equality driven efforts, among other things. In both business and philanthropy, Mr. Boyd has dedicated himself to giving those that have been told no, the opportunity to finally say yes. 


Mr. Boyd is currently working to publish his first book which draws from his experiences in rural South Carolina, business, retiring at 30, philanthropy and public service.

Mr. Boyd graduated at the top of his class and went on to study Design, Biology and Mathematics at Francis Marion University of South Carolina. Mr. Boyd is currently enrolled in a secondary degree program focused on strengthening his knowledge around big data, machine learning and statistics. 


Mr. Boyd has also dedicated his free time to traveling the country to speak to graduating seniors and college freshman, in hopes of being the voice that he himself needed so many years ago.


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Our Family

James Boyd

Founder, CEO and Head Angel

Jordan Fairbanks

Investment Associate

William Boyd

Vice President of Operations

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